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Heidi and Randy Prewitt have always been big dreamers. To lend credence to this claim, Randy built a log home from scratch in the wilderness of Idaho, completely off the grid and hours away from electricity, neighbors and anything that could be called a town. 

Together, Heidi and Randy raised five kids in the wild backwoods of Idaho, braving the 2 hour drive to work, wild bears, cougars and wolves, and the harsh Northern Idaho/British Columbia winters. From this beautiful and raw life, a family of dreamers, doers and artisans arose.

Randy - log.jpg
Randy (Left) and friend - building the cabin
Micah - House.jpg
Micah Prewitt (oldest son) sitting on the first floor walls.

This off the grid living created a space for creative minds to grow. To this day, the family talks about Idaho as being the formative years for each of them (in varying ways). From listening to the wind whisper through the alpine and tamarack forests, to the snow buffeting the side of the cabin at Christmas time, this environment created a mystical feeling of wonder and stillness rarely experienced in today's busy, electronic life.

Since the Prewitt family moved, talks about going back to the wilderness have always arisen at family gatherings. Little did they know, their talks would turn into reality sooner than they thought.

Little House in the woods.jpg
Finsihed Cabin.jpg
The family in the cabin that Randy built
The cabin and valley - looking down from Canada

25 years after  leaving Idaho, found the family once again setting out on an adventure and a dream of buying a worn down 160 acre ranch in Central California and creating a haven for humans and animals alike.

The cabin
View of the ranch from the table top cliffs

Water in the Central Valley has always been a concern for farmers, which is why when the family went to look at the property for the first time, they knew they had to make an offer. The 160 acres boasts 5 active springs, and at the end of the longest drought of the 21st century, water was still bubbling out of the ground during the summer months. This unique feature was what inspired the name of the farm, and would give rise to so much more.

Sunset at Lavender Springs Farm overlooking one of the spring overflow ponds
One of the seasonal creeks

The ranch was purchased in 2016, and the dream of Lavender Springs Farm was born. Heidi began by learning everything she could about how to grow, cultivate and harvest lavender. The lavender would not exist without her expertise and passion, and though everyone at Lavender Springs knows a little about lavender, Heidi is the trained expert. With this knowledge at hand, they began to plant a small field of lavender and to produce all natural, pesticide free, spring fed lavender products right on the ranch.

1 year old Grosso lavender plants

As the farm progressed, wild animals that had previously been hunted out of the valley, slowly began to move back in under the stewardship and care of the Prewitt family. Deer, bobcat, bald eagles, turkey's and even a few black bears call this valley home and are cohabitants of the lush, fertile land. 

Though farm life is hard, and back breaking work, the benefits far outweigh the aching backs and blistered hands. At the end of the day, you not only have high quality lavender products...for the family, we have community, peace and pride in our work, because Lavender Springs Farm is all about family and finding peace in a busy, and chaotic world.

Heidi and Randy - Bench.jpg
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