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Urban Carpenter Beard Oil

Our beard oil is hand crafted by a carpenter who has to deal with beard issues daily and created a product that works for his everyday use.


This beard oil is infused with the highest quality essential oils and carrier oils to promote healthy, clean and good smelling beards and eyebrows while also elimating beard and eyebrow dryness.

We use organic and all natural products in a perfect mixture that helps keep your beard clean and plyable, while also making your beard smell like a carpenters paradise.


This product pairs well with our Beard Balm for added hair control.

Lavender Springs 100% Lavandin Oil: 


-Helps promote hair growth

-Helps with skin inflamation


Organic Cypress Oil: 

-Helps reduce ingrown hairs and cuts

-Strengthens hair folicle

-Natural deoderant


Organic Grapefruit Oil: 

-Promotes healthy hair folicles

-Reduces dandruff


Organic Grapefruit Oil: 


-Antiseptic properties

-Fungicide (destroys fungus)

-Is often used to treat acne 


Beard Oil

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