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The Terrain

Lavender Springs is situated in the mountains of Madera, just off highway 41. The property is nestled in a bend in the table top mountains and boast 100' cliffs at the back end of the ranch.

 This area is rich in history, both natural and man-made. The farm has 5 gold mines from when the gold rush town of Hildreth was a booming western town, complete with stagecoach robberies, saloons and shootouts. 

The natural ecological history of this property is also pertinent and was what made this a gold rush town. The table top mountains were made from a lava-flow and because of this, the gold in the mines were in long strips of melted gold, not nuggets as one may expect, and hence the name of our road, Long Gold Road.

Whether you come for the lavender or for the views and History, Lavender Springs Farm has a little bit of something for everyone.

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