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Our essential oil roller fragrances are made from all-natural products and smell amazing, without any harmful chemicals or additives. We currently offer four scents to choose from.


Forest Pine: a more masculine scent for men with a “woodsy” alpine forest smell.


Sweet Amber: a warm, sweet smell with nuanced scents of vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, and blackberry.


Lavender Bliss: A sweet, almost honey-like smell, with flowery lavender undertones.


Heavenly Frankincense: a strong scent for males or females with an almost musty pine, and citrus smell.


Each roller has rose quartz from our land, and decorative flowers or pine needles from our ranch! These unique products make a perfect gift that can be enjoyed by all.


Note: check the label for recipe information before use if you suffer from allergies or sensitive skin.

Fragrance Roller

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